About Us


ZOOMe was created by Ava Cantrell and her parents Bryan and Janina. Ava Cantrell is a young Hollywood actress who started in the business when she was seven years old and she has worked for every major studio including Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Universal. When old COVID-19 came around she was stuck attending college online, auditioning for parts over zoom, and spending hours and hours staring at computer screens. Her entertainment included binging shows and gaming. Ava's eyes were becoming sore and sleep was increasingly evading her, so she asked her dad about computer glasses.
      Bryan Cantrell is the owner of a wholesale sunglass company in San Diego as well as a partner in the beauty brand Fleur De Spa. He is also an entrepreneur that appeared on Shark Tank. He and his business partner in Radiate Campfire struck a deal with Robert Herjavac for their portable campfire in 2018. Bryan sourced out a couple of pairs of blue light blocking glasses for Ava to wear while on her laptop. Ava's eye strain went away, and she was able to sleep better now that her eyes were not bombarded with the harmful blue light. A business idea was formed!
      Ava was quick to bring in her mom Janina into the venture. Janina Cantrell is a fashion and social media expert. She is a graduate of fashion college and worked as a buyer for many top retail stores, traveling to the big cities to open stores. Her first career was a district job doing windows for a big chain at 19 years old. From there she just kept going. Her eye for fashionable trends is unmatched, but her motto is to wear what you want and what makes you feel good. She has embraced the world of social media and online marketing since we all first heard about Facebook. If you follow ZOOMe on any of our social media platforms you will be nothing but inspired by the work, she is doing there. Give her a shout out there, as she'd love to hear from you. Janina is the creative director of our brand and the overseer of everything. Which is basically every Mom out there. 
      We hope you love what ZOOMe brings to the world of Blue Light Blocking Glasses. We are having a great time growing our company and strive to bring you fantastic styles you'll enjoy wearing on all your conference calls, online classes, TV binge-watching, computer gaming, and of course the ever popular cellphone staring.